Independent artists with major talent.


Mayja Label was officially launched in 2019. There are tons of independent artists with major talent that need alternative ways to the traditional record label scenario - hence the name and slogan.


To clarify, we are not strictly a record label. We just help you connect the dots so to speak.

Mayja Label is an independent operation that utilises its growing network to provide career opportunities and brand collaborations. We build relationships with various artists, brands, platforms, and creatives.


We do not currently sign artists but we may offer some label services such as distribution and artist management or development for a limited number of artists/producers. You may see our logo at the bottom of some websites that we have built for artists like Alyshah, Haze Da Martian, Quade PoundSign etc. Feel free to contact us if you need a professional website.


Mayja Label values long term relationships and if we can help you, we will. 


Our services include:

Artist management, Artist development, Public relations, Label services, Music production, Sound engineering Distribution, AnR, Publishing, Recording, Live bookings, Event management, Photography, Videography, Graphic design, Websites, Social media growth, Career advice.


DISCLAIMER: The independent artists on this page may or may not have representation elsewhere. Feel free to enquire.